TOVA Mentoring

TOVA offers mentoring to elementary, middle and high school students in the Five Towns, Far Rockaway and West Hempstead.

Research and TOVA’s own experience has found that the early intervention of a mentor is the most effective. If a child is in a stressful, difficult situation the time to intervene with supportive assistance is as early as possible. It is for this reason that we expanded the TOVA program from a teen program to one that encompasses the younger children.

It is this early intervention that prevents the child from becoming an at-risk teen exhibiting non-productive and self-destructive behaviors.

* Early Intervention Mentoring. Many young men and women are having difficulties in school or at home due to many pressures and challenging situations that face them. TOVA mentors provide the friendly guidance and support needed to keep these students on track to healthy, successful adult lives.